1999 Lexus ES 300

Engine Performance problem
1999 Lexus ES 300 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 275000 miles

This car gave a code of P1133 sensor 1 bank 1.
The Mechanic says this is the o2 sensor-located at the
front exhaust manifold.

However, othrs have described P1133 as the fuel air
sensor located neatr the catalytic converter.
I would like to have the correct one replaces, since there is a difference (as I understand) between the fuel air and o2 sensor.

Please help what is the correct answer?
October 27, 2009.

I have a same 99 Lexus ES300 and had the same scanned code of P1133. P1133 means Air/Fuel Ratio Response Malfunction (Bank1 Sensor1). I have checked with a Lexus dealer and found that Bank1 Sensor1 and Bank1 Sensor2 are both Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors at the front of the engine near manifold. Bank2 Sensor1 (Oxygen sensor) is located at the back side of the engine. I hope this would help you.

Dec 26, 2009.