2000 Rover Range Rover

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2000 Range Rover V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 91000 miles

Bought a 2000 Range Rover used, drove it about 350 miles home and it drove great with no problems. When I got it home it needed new tires and front brakes. After it got new tires and front pads and rotors it developed a vibration at 60mph and dissapates some at 70 but is still there. The tires were found to be bad so Dunlop replaced all four, didn't help with the vibes. Replaced front rotors with to new ones, didnt help. Both drag link and track rod and both tie rod ends at the ends of both were replaced, didnt help. It seems to get better if the SUV sits for a few days, but after its driven for a few days in a row it is more noticible. Also while driving at highway speed or in the " wobble zone" after I hit a bump the steering wheel will jerk to the either side, usually the right. Not to the point of losing control, but im sure other drivers are thinking ive been drinking as its isnt staying straigh. The allignment has been done and when there are no bumps it drives straight. The front and rear drive lines have been removed and driven without (seperate times) with no change and if you get it up to vibe speed and throw it into nuetral there is no change either. Its been to three different mechanics now and they are all throwing thier arms up. Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible this is an engine mount issue? There really are no other signs or symptoms of any kind. Other than the rediculously annoying viberation at the exact speed I like to drive at, its a great SUV. PLEASE HELP!
June 28, 2009.

I found a tsb on this issue:

I would look for a shop that is capable of doing a radial force variation balancing to the wheels.

The first set of new tires were road force balanced and found bad, so this was thought to be the reason for the vibration. When the second new set of tires were put on and it still vibrated, they balainced them and then road force tested them. Passed with flying colors. Tires are not the issue. Not unless balancing them for the 5th or 6th time will find something.

Jun 29, 2009.
Hi there I have just brought a 1996 range rover with an identical problem. Local dealer tightened up the steering box, this helped only slightly. Just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of it? As it is not making it fun to drive.

Oct 27, 2009.
Well I guess radial force balancing isn't the answer.