2003 Land Rover Freelander

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Land Rover Freelander 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 59,000 miles

Just purchased a 2003 Freelander with 59k miles on it, and it drove beautifully. Went out to the garage one afternoon, and it wouldn't start - bells ding, etc, but it would just click. Battery cable was loose, and it was reattached - replaced the starter, and it still won't start. Tried to turn the motor over by hand, and it's solid. Do you have ANY suggestions as to what could've happened? Or what will happen next? When you put the car in neutral, it will roll.
July 29, 2009.

How are you trying to turn the engine over by hand?

If you are sure that you are getting enough leverage that should be able to turn the engine over.
Then removed the spark plugs and try to turn it over again.
(this is to see if any of the cylinders are full of liquid)

Jul 29, 2009.