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I have a 1991 Jeep Cherekee with about 150,000 miles on it. My problem is it keeps blowing the auto relay shutdown fuse. Out of the blue, the car just dies. It will sometimes go for months before it happens again. I have had the fuel pump replaced, the crank shaft positioning sensor replaced, the computer has been checked which was fine. I have brought it to two different places and they are both puzzled as to the problem. Sometimes you can replace the fuse and it will start and be ok for a while. Other times, replacing the fuse does nothing. It will blow one fuse right after another either just sitting and turning the jeep on or driving less than a mile. I don't dare go any farther then walking distance from home cause I never know when it will happen again. Right now I have gone about two months and every thing is fine. Please help!
August 13, 2006.

Just an idea but maybe you have a loose wire that burns the fuses when it touches, go thru l your wires d loofor anything loose.

Aug 20, 2006.
Sounds like a short. Every time the wire arcs out it is going to blow the fuse. Find what runs off that ffuse and check the wires and I'm sure you'll see a break in the wire.

Sep 3, 2006.