2000 Jeep Other

Engine Cooling problem
2000 Other Jeep Models 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

Had local shop replace electric cooling fan, only one fan, they installed it backwards (blowing towards the front of the car) and wired backwards, a torqflo, did NOT fix the overheating. I replaced the ac clutch relay, the water pump, the surpentine belt(dry rot), thermostat and gasket, blew out the radiator 3 times garden hose, no heat, blew out the heater core with garden hose got lots of rust filings, 3 times, got heat back. Runs fine all day until we get into stop and go traffic about a 2 mile stretch! It overheats. NO codes come up. I checked the transmission fluid while it was running and found bubbles, not sure when that had been serviced, red in color. Could old tramission fluid cause a vehicle to heat up in stop and go traffic? I'm thinking of replacing the radiator or adding a tranny cooler.
We go up the beach every sunday during the summer since we have owned the car never had this problem approx. 10 miles of driving.
If you can think of something I missed please let me know. (Carpenter by trade, but I fix my own vehicles, mechanics over$100 an hour!) I fixed it last time, it was a bad fan relay! Located behind the passenger headlight!
Thanks in advance, Lee
July 13, 2010.

Thats odd. Going in reverse would do nothing only you wouldnt have air blowing through the radiator and when you backed up all that warm air could have went into the radiator but thats unlikely going in reverse should have noting to do with cooling. Unless the fans wernt working

Jul 26, 2010.