1986 Jeep CJ7

I have a 1986 Jeep CJ7 with straight six and just under 82000 miles. The other day I backed it out in the yard and left it idling for a couple minutes and it just died. Still turns over but has no fire. There is power to the coil but no fire coming out. Any thoughts?
June 22, 2007.

I'd think there is a short to ground somplace in the secondary. If you haven't gotten this fixed yet, try a new wire from the center of the coil to the distributor. If that wire is bad or shorted to ground, it would cause the problem, but not the likely culprit. I'm thinking more like bad coil? 12 v in, and zippo out - check the easy stuff first - always. Look for disconnected wires.

Joe Owen
Jul 9, 2007.
I ended up replacing the coil, dist cap, wires and plugs. I knew wires and plugs wouldnt be the cause bit they appeared to be original so I changed them. Still no fire.I then replaced the ECU and a terminal type relay in the wiring harness still no fire. I knew it was a short somewhere because the wire from the ignition to the coil had 12v on one side and 6v on the other and was getting hot. So.I started wiggling wires under the dash and VOILA it started! The Jeep has no key so as long as it isn't turned all the way back to lock it will still start. I think this may be part of the problem. Hopefully. I have since purchased a new ignition cylinder and have a buddy coming this weekend who has a puller for the steering wheel so I can change it.

Jul 10, 2007.