Jeep Cherokee

Got a 00 grand cherokee with v8. Ive checked other posts and cnt find anwer. Ive rplaced battery, checked fuses, relays and wires and nothing. When I try starting it just clicks. Did start twice while investigating problem. Checkd power at starter and was good except the smaller wire I had someone turn key while I tested and got nothing. Tried jumping the starter and still nothing. Biengs its clicking does that mean my neutral safety switch is working properly? If it was the NSS would it throw a check engine light? And shouldnt I be getting voltage on both wires at starter while turning key?
November 28, 2007.

If you jump the starter and nothing that s means starter no good
But make sure you are working with a fully charged battery
Even if the lights comes on it doesn t mean the battery is strong enough to start the engine.

If it s clicking its not the N/S switch
Here what I have for wiring on it

Nov 28, 2007.
Yup its a brand new battery. I checked voltage and its fine. Ive tried jumping it and it dont even budge. I do believe its the starter im jus trying to make sure before I reomve it biengs its in a tight spot. My concern is I was reading in the haynes manual and it said to hold test light on solinoid wire at starter and have someone turn key and should get voltage. Ive tried that and didnt get anything except on the bigger wire, which has 12v all the time. Could it still be the starter? Also is it as big of a pain to remove as it looks? Sorry to be so questionable and thanks for the quick replys!

Nov 29, 2007.
If you notice on the starter you have two places where wires connect to it
One should have battery positive at all time and the small one it should be only when key turn to start

If you try and supply battery power to the small wire the starter should engage and turn the engine that if the starter is good

If it doesn t 8 out of 10 it s the starter
Or check to make sure you have good ground on the engine

Know if it does start
You have to look at the wiring diagram and trace the starter wire
Look for relay in the relay box
Let me know how you make out on that

Nov 29, 2007.