Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee 2001, just under 72000 mi, V6

Just last week my car overheated and began to smoke. I took it to the local gas station. The mechanic told me that I may have blown the cylinder head gasket. He removed the thermostat to flush the system, checked the radiator flow, and refilled the antifreeze. When I picked it up he told me to watch the meter and if it red lined again to take it to the local repair shop and they would have to replace the head gasket.

As I drove off, I was taking it to go run an errand and the meter redlined and then dropped off after a minute or two, this repeated 2 more times in a 10 min driving period.

What is a good price for the repair job that I am going to need?
October 22, 2007.

Before you have it torn down, go to a radiator shop and have them pressure test it for leaks and for possible head gasket problems. It will only take 10 mins!

Oct 22, 2007.
To answer your PM, You are most concerned with the head gasket, two tests will determine it, 1 compression test, 2 cooling system preeure test, if pressure builds quickly on the gauge, you do have a gasket problem, have the test done. You connect the gauge do not pump it, start the car, and watch the gauge, dont overdo it!

Oct 23, 2007.