1995 Jeep Cherokee

Transmission problem
1995 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 174000 miles

when I shift in 4x4 it's sluggish driving when I go back to 2 wheel it has a whine/grind noise what could cause that problem
March 4, 2010.

Can you tell aprox where the noise is coming from?

It sounds like the 4x4 is not disengageing all the way

Mar 4, 2010.
Two questions. Does it sound like the transfer case or the front axle that isn't disengaging? Also, have you checked the linkage to the transfer case?

It sound as if the front axle is whinning when you shift out of 4x4 also when its in 4 wheel high the trucks seems to not want to pull correctly

Mar 10, 2010.
If the 4wd isn't disengaging, to me it sounds like one of the hubs isn't turning off. The front hubs are actuated by vacuum when you place it in 4wd. If the hub is dirty or damaged, it may engage and then not disengage. When you say it isn't pulling correctly, it makes me believe there is one side that is sticking.

Have that checked.