1995 Jaguar XJS

Engine Cooling problem
1995 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 39000 miles

The coolant thermostat is stuck in the open position. Runs too cold in the winter. What is the correct procedure for replacing the thermostat? Access appears to be very difficult. Is removing the left front wheel the correct approach?
December 29, 2008.

Hello -

I don't have a diagram of the I attached a pic of the cooling system....item 7 is the thermostat housing you are looking for that hold the thermostat item 6. The top radiator hose should be connected to it.

Service and Repair

1. Remove lower radiator hose and partially drain coolant.
2. Remove thermostat housing mounting bolts.
3. Remove thermostat and gasket from housing.
4. Clean all sealing surfaces and replace gasket.
5. Install new thermostat with RAD'' marking facing out and TOP'' marking at the top.
6. Install cover and torque bolts to 17-20 ft. lbs.
7. Add coolant, then run engine until normal operating temperature is reached.
8. Check cooling system for leaks, then add coolant if necessary.

Dec 30, 2008.
The problem is - the area of the thermostat housing is so congested with mechanicals, I don't understand how to get to it. Does one go in from the underside of the car? Does removing the driver's side front wheel help gain access? Thanks.

Dec 30, 2008.
Hello -

Well, not having a pic to go by makes that hard to tell you. As a mechanic of many years, more than I would like to admit, I have found that you may have to do all of what you said. Sometimes the manuals are not exactly the best either. As you go you see short cuts. Sometimes because a mod has been done to that model to be in a certain area of the country. Things are not the same as a like vehicle.

Based off of the directions in the manual, it doesn't say to do all of that. However, experience shows that some things may be easier to reach from the bottom, or side, or by removing a tire. If removing a tire gives you access to a panel inside the fender well to have better access, then by all means, do so.

Again, we can only go by the directions provided plus the years of experience on working on the different cars, trucks, heavy equipment etc.

Again, you may have to do a little of all. Look at every direction first, then make a plan and attack.

Dec 30, 2008.
Hello -

I was reviewing previous posts and wanted to provide you with this info. Looks like you may have some recalls on your vehicle. The dealer may fix these for free. Please contact the dealer service department, give them the VIN number of your car and have them check on these to see if they apply to you.

Recall - T493, R493 Replacement PROMs and EGR valve

Recall - Suspension of EGR System Recall R493

Recall 94V249000: Steering Linkage Assembly Nuts

Dec 30, 2008.