1980 Jaguar XJS

Electrical problem
1980 Jaguar XJS V12 Automatic 10000? Miles

yep. Merry christmas
ive taken the xjs for a blatt. But it now fades, as in the battery drains,
i took the alternatior 3 leads of to see if the battery drains overnight. I think it does slowly.
so im unsure where the 3 leads slot in as two are brown and one I think goes to the earth and up to the ignision and the two brown from the alternatior go to the battery?
there must be a wire or a fuse off and the battery is going flat, if I carnt fix this myself. Guess ill take her to a machinic. Damm $$$
when I had her going she died on me down the road. Bummer
December 27, 2007.

We do not have a wiring diagram for this vehicle

Dave H
Jan 6, 2010.