2002 Jaguar X-Type

Transmission problem
2002 Jaguar X-Type 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 110000 miles

Im having a hard time finding the fill and drain plug to change the gearbox fluid. I need a diagram with pictures explaining where the gearbox is and where the plugs are. I also need to know what kind of tools I need.

thank you
March 18, 2010.

First I need to know what exactly you are referring to when you say " gearbox".

Do you mean the " transmission" or " differential case"?

If you're referring to the tranny, then I'll need to know your engine model and transmission model.

The differential doesn't have a drain plug. Fluid is removed by either cracking the rear pan or removing the axles and letting the fluid drain. It's refilled while off the car.

Ernest Clark
Mar 18, 2010.
I want to change the transmission oil and I want a diagram or pictures of where this part is located and where are the fill and drain plugs.

2002 jaguar x-type
3.0 v6 manual transmission

Mar 18, 2010.
Unfortunately, I can't provide you with any illustrations. The service that I get my repair data from prohibits me from sharing their illustrations with anyone.

But there may be another technician on this forum that has access to information that I don't.

As for your tranny fluid change: Your transmission is located at the back of your engine. (It's actually bolted directly to the back of the engine)

If you get under the vehicle, you'll see the bottom of the engine, and right behind the engine, you'll see the bottom of the transmission.

You're transmission's drain plug is located at the very back of the bottom. The fill plug is located at the side. They look similar. (Round metal plugs with a hex-key opening in the middle)
You fill the tranny through the fill plug by squeezing the bottle into the opening. Fill the level to just under the hole.

Ernest Clark
Mar 18, 2010.