1977 International Scout

Steering problem
1977 International Scout V8 Four Wheel Drive Manual 95000 miles

I have a show truck and would like to change my relatively new siginaw steering pump to a chrome model. I ordered one last year, and it could not be adapted by my mechanic. They went to NAPA and bought a stock pump which works fine. Does anyone make a chrome model for my V8 304?

Thank you,
Bob Ferguson
November 28, 2009.

If this is a show truck you may be able to put the chrome resevoir tank on the back of the stock pump andswitch the pulley from the chrome one to the stock pump. There may on ly be two bolts for the resevoir with the o-ring being the same size. That ay the front of the stock pump could either be painted engine color or you basic black. Should be a pretty sim; le swap

Dec 20, 2009.