1981 International Other

Engine Performance problem
1981 Other International Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 85000 miles

does anybody know the proper procedure for timing a 345. I keep hearing different things and don't know wich is right. I've heard time it off number 1, and I heard time it off number 8. I think it is 8 but i've been told set it at TDC and been told 6 deg. Adv. Also. Please help
August 9, 2009.

There a few things with this vehicle. It is timed off of #8 cylinder. If it is a california emmission then it is TDC no matter if it is a stick or automatic. If it is not a california emission vehicle then if you have a 2210C carb it is 5 degrees TDC and if you have a 2300EG carb it is TDC. There should be a tag or casting on the carb to see which is which.

Nov 12, 2009.