1998 Infiniti I30

Air Conditioning problem
1998 Infiniti I30 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 164000 miles

When I turn on the A/C, I can hear the compressor come ON but the fan does not. Sometimes the fan will come ON or after I am driving for a little bit it will. Other times it will not work at all.
November 12, 2009.

If it comes on at times and not others, chances are either the motor itself is going bad, or there is a problem with the blower motor resister.

What I would recommend is to turn the fan on. When it isn't working, check to see if the motor is getting power. If it is, then either there is a bad ground to the motor, or the motor is bad. IF there is no power, then I would move to the relay and check for power there.

Let me know what you find.