2000 Infiniti G20

Engine Performance problem
2000 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

my g20 sedan when stopped at a redlight the rpm will after a minute or so go way down and die. I also can smell gas a little. I had a engine light come on and the code said it was running a little rich. Does this sound like an egr valve? I also tried to locate a valve but I cant find one for a g20. When you are on the interstate the engine sounds fine and runs great.
Mike mounce
March 17, 2008.

Running rich could be the coolant and oxygen sensor not switching/excessive fuel pressure-Low idle and stalling could be the EGR valve diluting the mixture-

Might also want to check out the idle air control valve and throttle position sensor.

EGR valve is located at no.7 see below


Mar 17, 2008.
A po172 has causes that include Air intake leaks after the MAF, a Bad MAF, a bad front heated oxygen sensor, a bad injector, and exhaust leak before the cat, bad fuel pressure and inadequete fuel.

Check for exhaust leaks in front of the cat, check for air leaks after the Mass Air Flow sensor. You can try to clean the MAF with electrical cleaner.
Check the fuel pressure to make sure it is in spec. To start with.