2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

Brakes problem
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I am trying to remove the rear brake rotor and it appears that the e-brake pads are stopping the rotor from being removed. I removed the screws holding it on and tapped the back of the rotor and it is loose but will not come off. I also removed the cable from the rear of the brake housing to be sure it was not bound up. Is there a way to back off the e-brake pads so I can remove the rotor?
August 8, 2010.

Hi dlk300,

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You need to release the adjuster to release the brake shoes and after installation, the adjuster has to be adjusted.

1.Remove the rear wheel & tire.
2.Remove the plug from the rear brake disc.
3.Rotate adjuster assembly (A) downward until it can not be rotate by using a screw driver.

4.Rotate the adjust assembly by 5 notches in the opposite direction.
5.Install the plug to rear brake disc.
6.Install the rear wheel & tire.

Aug 8, 2010.
Hi, Look For A Rubber Plug In the Front Of the rotor. Take out this plug with a screwdriver, Shine a light in the hole Where the plug was removed, turn the rotor till you see the adjuster wheel, use a screwdriver and turn this adjuster, till you see no threads on the adjuster. Now remove the rotor. You may have to hit the rotor carefully, on the flange, try not to hit the wheel studs. What happens is rust builds up inside there, stopping the shoes from coming off. If you don't see a plug in the front of the rotor, then look behind it, for a rubber plug, could be round or oval. Also use crc to soak around the rotor flange.

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Edward S.

Aug 8, 2010.