1998 Hyundai Other

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Other Hyundai Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 93000 miles

Every time I hit a big puddle and water got anywhere near my engine, for a few seconds my car would run on 3 cylinders then run properly again. Now it is constantly on 3. I dont know if it is anything to do with the water because the day it stopped working completely it was dry outside. I have checked the HT leads and changed the spark plugs. I have replaced the manifold because there was a large crack in it, but it still doesnt work. It runs on 4 when I'm traveling at a steady speed keeping at the same RPM and it works well first thing in the morning when its cold. In the cat, the white stuff that looks like it should be round the outside has all fell down and looks like it may be blocking the exhaust? I dont know if that could be it.
June 22, 2008.

If the catallytic convertor is collapsed it can cause this especially when the engine is cold before the pressure builds up.

Have you checked the coil(s) and plug wires?

Jun 22, 2008.
Thanks, for the quick reply, no I havnt checked the coil, not sure how I would check it? Would I have to take it to a garage? Cheers

Jun 24, 2008.
An autopart store will test it for you!

And since you say the vehicle aint starting I would also like you to check if the injectors are getting fuel and firing.

And while your having the coil tested buy a spark tester and see if your getting spark on all the cylinders.

Jun 24, 2008.