2003 Hyundai Elantra

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Hyundai Elantra 4 cyl Automatic 80000 miles

Hello Dear,
My name is Silviya. Recently I change my drive belts on Hyundai Elantra 2003. The day after, there was a noise when the engine starts, so I called the mechanic (I was concern because on next day we were going on long trip), and he said it is not a problem t be concern about and he will adjust the belts after we come back. Obviously the belts were not adjusted in the cog area. Is it possible If the belts were to tie to transform pressure to one of the metal part of the engine or the gasket, which part failed and came out, in turn allowing the crankshaft has to move and push out the crankshaft seal, causing a large oil leak coming from the crankshaft pulley area.


Silviya Sokolova
March 19, 2010.

Hi Silviya,

Thank you for the donation.

If any error occurred with the timing belt installation, it can cause damage to the oil seal and engine.

Can you provide more information to the damage so I can understand the situation better?

Mar 20, 2010.
I do not change the timing belt. I change the drive belts. After there was a noise like they were to tie. My question is: Is it possible If they were to tie to transform vibration from crankshaft puller which will make harmonic dampener comes off and give pressure to the crankshaft which pop out the crankshaft seal and course huge oil leak coming from the crankshaft pulley area.

Mar 20, 2010.
A bad damper would cause the belt to come off and cause damage to the seals.

A poorly installed belt would not cause the damper to go bad that easily.

If the initial belt replacement was because of noise, then most probably the damper was failing then.

Mar 20, 2010.