2003 Hyundai Elantra

Brakes problem
2003 Hyundai Elantra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 55000 miles

Recently I happen to notice that my car's Driver side Front brakes tends to heat up and the brake pedals are hard to press.

It seems that the driver side front disc brake is engaged and is holding on the brakes while the vehicle is in motion and that makes the brake pads hot (sometimes I see it turning " red" ). Please note that the passenger side brake pads are normal in this condition.

I do not know why the brakes are not disengaging when I release the brake pedal? And what holds the brake pedal always engaged? And why my brake pedal is very hard to press in this condition?

This issue goes off all by itself - the other time and is very sporadic.

One of my friend suggested it may be the " brake hose" that is causing the issue.

I request you to kindly advise me what may be going on in the brake system that causes this issue.

Thanks in advance
September 19, 2009.

Yes it sounds like the caliper, needs to be cleaned and and the banjo bolt needs to be lubricated so that it can freely move back and forth

Sep 19, 2009.
Could be the caliper piston binding not retracting or a internal collasped brake hose acting as a one way check valve-if you have an ABS could be coming from it-

Sep 19, 2009.
Its getting stuck when the brakes are pressed, they are unable to move back to its starting point, so the bolt that it moves back and forth on is mostlikely gummed up and causing it to stick.

Sep 19, 2009.
That is the other possibility, thanx ras. The brake hose could be collapsed. As your friend mentioned too

Sep 19, 2009.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions

I was about to take the tire out to look at the caliper and brake disc - little unlucky there. The lug nut was stuck and while trying to turn the nut, I accidentally broke the screw.

Seems now I have to replace the wheel cup also.

Thanks again.

Sep 19, 2009.
Oh boy, can you still get it off?

Sep 20, 2009.