2000 Hyundai Elantra

Electrical problem
2000 Hyundai Elantra 4 cyl Automatic 55125 miles

my brake lights isn't coming on when I press on the brake. My signal lights doesn't come on and and when I press my hazards, well nothing. I've been to
different auto parts places and they all give me a different anwser. I am very confused and it is very dangerous driving w/o brake lights. Please help.
December 23, 2008.

You have two, maybe three separate issues.

1. Brake light. Are all of them, including the high mount (either on the spoiler or the rear window) don't work? Have you check the bulbs, replaced them, maybe? Do the taillight - not the brake - work? One bulb does both tail and brake light - dual filament.
* No: Locate engine compartment relay and fuse box - right front corner, behind battery) and check fusible link pink 30A, left and right tail lamp fuses 10A. Go to *Yes.
* Yes: Locate fuse box under driver side kick panel and check fuse #3 15A.

2. Turn signal/hazard lights. Have you checked all the bulbs?
* Yes: Locate the fuse box driver side kick panel and check fuses #4 and #9, both 10A. Are they both good?
* Yes: Locate passenger compartment relay box, under left side of dash, left of steering column. Replace flasher unit.

Let us know.

Dec 23, 2008.
Hi Zackman.

Could you help me with my brakelights too? I also have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra.

Both my brakelights don't work. (They stopped working at the same time.) However, the brakelight on the rear spoiler works well.

The tail-lights (ones that I use at night with the head-lights) also work. The turn lights also work. When I press the hazard button, the turn lights in front and back light up (I dont think the tail/brake lights are supposed to work with the hazard switch, but I may be wrong.)

As for the brakelights: 1. The bulbs are fine (both the filaments in each bulb).
2. The fuse (the " STOP L" - #3 15A - in fusebox below steering wheel) is good. (Nothing in the engine fuse box seems relevant, they all say headlight or taillight.)

Someone at Autozone told me some switch may be out, but I dont know what she was talking about.

Thanks very much for any help you can give.
PS. (What is the flasher unit? I hear the regular clicking noise when turn signal or hazard is on.)

Jan 5, 2009.
Hi again.

Sorry for not checking the previously answered question in the forums before I wrote.

I should probably check the brake light switch located at the base of the pedal as a few other pros have mentioned. However I have some confusion about which one this is.

I have uploaded a picture of my brake pedal below (my camera is actually sitting on the foot of it pointing upwards, and slightly to the left of the pedal).

Number 1 is my brake pedal. Is number 2 the brake pedal switch (it's connected via the black wire harness to the base of the brake pedal)?

Is that the piece I need to check out?


Jan 5, 2009.

This is how your brake switch looks like. I believe follow #2 (the white clip) to the base of your brake pedal and you'll see it. This is how you test the switch.

Elantra & Tiburon
Remove brakelight switch. Depress switch plunger and ensure continuity exists between terminals
"C" and "D". Release switch plunger, and ensure continuity exists between terminals "A" and "B".
See Fig. 4 . If continuity is not as specified, replace brake light switch.

But you did say that the third brake light (on the spoiler) works, then the switch is working. As you have check the fuse #3, the only other thing to check is the continuity to the light socket. For the left side, probe the green wire (+ positive) and black (- negative), and have someone push the brake pedal. And for the right side, probe pink/white (+ positive) and black. If you have power, then replace the bulbs. If there is no power, then you need to find where the wires lose connectivity from the brake light switch.

To answer the rest of your questions:
1. When I press the hazard button, the turn lights in front and back light up (I don't think the tail/brake lights are supposed to work with the hazard switch, but I may be wrong.)

The hazard should turn your front and rear turn signals (amber), which are different bulbs from the tail/stop (brake) light combination (red).

2. (What is the flasher unit? I hear the regular clicking noise when turn signal or hazard is on.)

Flasher unit is an intermittent relay switch that controls your turn signals and hazard. Intermittent so the light "flashes" on-off-on-off-on and so on.. You should hear the clicking sound as the flasher unit turns on.

Jan 5, 2009.
Thanks Zackman for your complete and clear advice! I will get down to probing the wires first, and then check out the bulbs and switch - will post what I find.


Jan 6, 2009.
Sorry for not replying so far, been a combination of the cold and cluelessness.

It was both bulbs to begin with. I couldnt tell earlier, as the filament looked unbroken, but on a closer look it had thinned out in 2 places, and that was enough to bum it out.

Thanks again Zackman for patience and sorry for wasting some of your time. : -)

Feb 16, 2009.
I am just glad everything fixed.

Feb 16, 2009.