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Looks like no one has a problem with a hummer : wink:
January 13, 2007.

I need a wiring diagram for 1996 Hummer AMG Diesel 5.7L It has a 4L80 e transmission

Feb 3, 2007.
Why Mr Raidertank,
Yer the first one I heard of that is havin a problem with a hummer!

Whatcha need in particler sweetheart?
There be quite a few of them things ya know!

Feb 3, 2007.
I did not realize this was a dating site too?

Dr Loot
Feb 19, 2009.
I now have a problem with my Hummer, I call this my this my Hummer:

it cost me my marriage, but that's okay. I rather have the truck,

besides I got stuck with the kids and they will not let me get rid of it,

like I got rid of their mother. This is one of my Loot Bug, she is the Boss Now.

Dr Loot
Nov 5, 2009.