2009 Hummer H3

2009 Hummer H3 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 1500 miles

My 09 H3T is experiencing a pretty noticable vibration in the gas pedal while the engine is under load at approxiamtely 2500 to 3000 rpm. I can feel the vibration also in the floor board. I was told that there was a tech bulliten on the 08 h3's concerning this issue and it stated that the problem was an intermediate shaft. What is this and where is it located? I want to have good information next time I take the truck into the shop for this. My truck has the in line 5 cylinder. And I notice this vibration when the transmission is going through the gears at about 2500 to 3000rpm
December 5, 2008.

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The intermediate shaft is part of your steering column. It could certainly cause the vibrations that you mention. I could not find this in the TSB list for the 09's and there are also no recalls to date for the 09's .

Here is the TSB listing that you mention for the '08 models. Maybe this information can help the dealer diagnose your problem.

Please post your results of the diagnosis so we can better help others with this same problem.

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