Honda Ridgeline

Purchased a Used Ridgeline recently from a wholesaler. Discovered after purchase, that it was in a collision with airbag deployment. Not sure the extent, but Honda says the repair was done well. Truck seems to run perfectly with no frame damage.

Want to reassure myself that all systems such as VSA, ABS, Airbags are all working correctly after the repair was complete. All the warning lights go on and off after ignition is turned on, as they should.

Is this enough to say that all systems are OK or is there a diagnostics test I can have done that will ensure it's working as it should?
November 12, 2006.

I would say that the computer is satisfied that the items were installed correctly. The lamps lighting and the check engine light working but quiet after start up would be enough for me. The car computer is thorough. If still in doubt I suggest either a front end collision to test or you can take it to the dealer. I would avoid the front ender though!

Bruce Hunt
Nov 12, 2006.
Hi Bruce
Thanks for getting back to me. I think I'll avoid the front end collision. Wish there was some definitive answer, but the lamps going off and on when starting up will probably have to be enough for me as well.

Nov 14, 2006.