2.0L , 70K

1995 Honda Prelude


Quick question really ( I hope)
I have a 2 warning lights aluminated on the dash, once the brake has been depressed for the first time upon turning car on. &Quot; Handbrake" light and " Brake lamp". The rear left brake is not functioning, but it is not the bulb (as I have tried to replace this but bulb is fine). All other lights (indicators, headlights, backlights and hazards are working fine) There is no specific fuse for the brakelight so I'm guessing I have a wiring issue.
Taking to the garage on saturday, but any ideas as to the nature of the problem, as I do not want to get ripped off!

May 31, 2006.

When you said the rear left brake was not working, I thought you were really talking about the brake itself. However, are your brakes bad and needing to be replaced? Also, don't forget that there are fuses under the hood in the engine compartment.

Bruce Hunt
May 31, 2006.
Hi - no, sorry for the confusion - it is only yhe rear left brake light that isnt working. Brakes seems fine though and i'm sure I only had new brake pads in Dec 04.
Do you think this is the problem? Why would the handbrake light show up too!

May 31, 2006.