2000 Honda Prelude

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

I replaced my EGR valve and still get error 401 after a few miles. The check engine light comes on mainly when I deccelerate. Could this be a faulty solenoid or vacume leak? The motor only has 10000 mi. On it.
November 4, 2010.

That is a " low flow" code. That is usually caused by a plugged up EGR passage through the throttle body.

Nov 4, 2010.
So what you're saying is that replacing the EGR was unecessary? It was full of carbon. Is there any way to clean that or are we talking another teardown? I just had the engine rebuilt over the summer.
Thank you for your reply BTW. I can't seem to get any answers from these parts of Minnesota.

Nov 6, 2010.
Yes, the EGR valve was probably unnecessary. You have to locate the passage and dig all the carbon out of it. It may turn into a small passage at one point exiting into the throttle body. A coathanger usually works. You may have to remove part of the throttle body. I'm not real familiar with the exact location of that one.

Nov 6, 2010.