1997 Honda Prelude

Transmission problem
1997 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 133000 miles

I have a 97 Prelude Sh. Recently, I have some problems with the transmission. When the car is cold, the gears shift fine, but after driving it for about 5-7 miles, the gears become hard and do not shift from 4th to 5th.I have to shift back to 4th which it wont without having to try for a couple of times and then it will change to 5th with a bit of grind. The car is equipped with ATTS and recently the ATTS lights came " ON".I got the error codes for that which are 52, 62, 65, 79. All these indicate to low oil level. I did not get the ATTS fluid replaced. The car moves fine and there is no sign of clutch wear. The clutch fluid levels are at full. I would really appreciate if you could help me with this issue. Do I need to replace the clutch and manual transmission fluid?I just purchased the car from the dealer about a month ago. AS-IS the car has no warranty on it. Please advice.
August 25, 2008.

Hi prasan4311,

# 52 = left and right shift solenoid.
# 62 + 65 = Oil pressure sensor.
# 79 = ATTS control inhibitor.

Did you check the oil level?
Did you reset and retest or fault?

Aug 25, 2008.
Yes.I did reset the unit. But I did not check for the fluid levels.I will check and I will keep u posted.


Aug 25, 2008.