1997 Honda Prelude

Electrical problem
1997 Honda Prelude 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 177000 miles


I have a 1997 Honda Prelude 177K
the following has been done to this car.
1/ replace plugs with ngk
2/ new rotor & cap
3/ new ignitor
4/ new main relay
5/ new battery terminals
6/ new coil
checked all fuses and even the fuel pump. Put the banjo connector in a quart jar, turned on the ignition and it fill the jar very quick.

Still no spark, even Honda tech looked puzzled.
I will pay good money to the perosn who solves this mystery?
February 19, 2010.

Hi lapseal,

Was any repairs carried out prior to this occurring?

Possible causes for no sparks apart from some of the items that you have replaced are : 1. PCM.

2. Ground circuit. Check the connections at right side of engine.

3. Timing belt.

4. Ignition switch. Ensure voltage is available at the distributor Black/Yellow wire at ignition switch ON AND while cranking.

Feb 27, 2010.