Honda Passport


I have a 2001 Honda Passport with 69,000 miles. I am having a problem with the gas gauge that moves up and down constantly, then the check engine light come on and off. I am not sure which happens first. I had a diagnostics ran an emissions code came up (P0463). I was told that the fuel level sensor might need to be replaced. I this a part of the fuel pump? And if I were to replace it, would the whole fuel pump need to be replaced or just that sensor. And if the check engine light & gauge are related they started the same time. :
March 16, 2006.

First of all PO463 is not an emission code. It means you fuel level sensor if reading high.

You need to replace the sensor and it is in the fuel tank. You vehice is an Isuzu Rodeo reboxed as a Honda. I am not sure if the gas gauge is part of the fuel pump assembly but I think it is. It is an expensive repair. Good luck

Mar 29, 2006.
Hello there. I just got this fixed on my 2000 passport today! You will be unhappy to know that it is a $500.00 fix. I had to replace the fuel pump, because the sensor is on the pump and also the sender is out. So there is actually 2 parts that went bad. But the best news is that today this is the second fix. The first time, last week, I got is fixed. My mechanic got the piece from honda, and installed it. 1 week later, it broke again. I called him back and he called honda. They said that their replacement parts are not as good as the 1st part installed and that you could run into this over and over. So my mechanic rebuilt the original part and put it back in. (Fuel pump). So we will see how it goes. I am irritated, but my after market warranty cover this and it wasnt too bad for me.

Mar 30, 2006.
Glad to see it has been fixed. If it was a true Honda the replacement parts would have been as good or better than the replacement. I am glad you found a real mechanic. That is the way I would have fixed the problem. In this modern era there are so many parts re-placers and few mechanics. My business of 30+ years was totally automotive electronics. We fixed things that all the other shops had pushed out the door. Glad you have a handle on it! Good Luck

Mar 31, 2006.