1999 Honda Passport

Noises problem
1999 Honda Passport 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 158125 miles

There is a loud rattling noise that sounds like it's coming from the engine. It does it all the time whether it's idle, running, parked or just simply turned on, the car makes a loud rattling noise. It's embarrassing. Bought it FSBO in Jan. 2010. No noise at the time. Transmission's been replaced, muffler was re welded, no check engine light on at the moment. Oil's fine, but there is a power steering leak. No overheating, no problems with acceleration, it's not the fan. Everything " looks" fine. It sounds like something is lose and I think it's getting worse. It doesn't sound like an engine knock though.
October 15, 2010.

With the car cold and exhaust cold tap on the catalitic converter under the car. You should not hear any rattling. If you do then the converter is going bad. If it ok then check the heat shields on the exhaust. They could be loose.

Oct 15, 2010.