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Is there some way of checking some manual or other bbok on exactly how long it takes a mechanic to perform a repair? I know that alot of times the mechanics quote you out of a book that tells them how long that repair takes. I would like access to this manual, or I would like to request this from the service writer. Is this a common question?
January 17, 2007.

Is what a common question? The wish to see a book with an estimate of repair time? Of course, there is a refence manual for that, in fact, we have access to such information now. It is really not free information to the public but I don't really see anything to hide the numbers that are put together. Joe the mechanic at shop 1 will get the same number as Pete at shop 2, but Pete and Joe operate under different rate structures, etc. Also, some mechanics will estimate for you a job and the mechanic is good and does it in half the time, but they still bill you for the estimate. All kinds of things take place. Finding a good mechanic that is honest and competent is to me the biggest challenge.

I take it you have been burned by an estimate or repair job. Most people have or feel that they have been.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 17, 2007.