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I own a 2001 Honda CRV with 79000 miles on it. I drive it about 100 miles a week commuting to work. I have been noticing a rattling noise occasionally occuring during acceration. I happens randomly and usually happens during the first 10 minutes or so I'm driving. Also, I've noticed it tends to happen when I accerate in bursts. On a side note its just a noise, I can't feel in in the petal or in the car at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
November 22, 2006.

My `99 Civic LX has a similar rattling noise also. On my car it ended up being a cracked exhaust manifold.
The exhaust is leaking out a little when the engine is cold and making the aluminum heat sheild that sits over the manifold rattle.
If you can remove the heat shield and you might be able to see if the manifold is cracked or not.

Nov 24, 2006.
Actually, if you check the heat shield when the car is running at idle and making the noise you will be able to touch the cover with a screwdirver as they get hot and see if it stops.

However, I doubt you exhaust manifold is the problem, I would suggest that you look at all of the heat shields from the engine back on the exhaust. Over time they work loose or a bolt breaks and the rattling will occur.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 24, 2006.
I took my car to the mechanic and that's exactly what I was told. He said it would cost approx $600
if they fixed it for me. He suggested I go to a junk yard to look for the part & put it in myself. $40 part from local junk yard a little 3 in 1 on each nut, a hammer (I'm a girl needed a little help) a ratchet & socket and I now I'm good to go. That's how I'll spend my sunday afternoon. I'll update as soon as I'm done. Hopefully without the rattle!

Jan 7, 2007.