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Honda 96 LX 144K.
Recently changed corroded fuel lines and brake lines. A day after repair, gas was leaking out of the evaporator and had to replace it. Runs ok now, but car jerks once in a while when driving. The car stops if I slow down during the jerk. If I push the pedal hard during the jerk, it picksup and does'nt stop.
Please let me know wht could be the problem. Dirt in gas or need tuneup or?
October 15, 2006.

I think you hit on the answer. You have loosened junk in the fuel and if you replaced the fuel line from the tank I suspect you loosened some inside as well. I would suspect that your fuel filter is working hard.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 17, 2006.
Thank you for the response Bruce.

One thing am still confused: Is the fuel filter same as the evaporator? If not, what is the function of an evaporator?

What could be a possible solution for cleaning the dirt in the tank/lines/filter? Is there some oil I could pour in the tank, similar to defrosting oil, to get rid of the dirt?

Appreciate any suggestions.


Oct 22, 2006.
Evaporator is part of the air conditioning system to remove water from the air. The only thing that could clean the system I am aware of would be a fuel system flush and a new filter. I would start with a new fuel filter.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 23, 2006.
Bruce -

Thank you for your assitance earlier.

It seems like there is some other problem with my honda. One mechanic says it was a problem with the fuel controller. But changing it didnt fix the problem.
One thing I observed is, the gas leaks only when there is lot of gas in the tank. When it gets to below quarter and close to empty, the leak doesnt happen. Am confused.
Please provide with any insight.

Thanks again,

Dec 8, 2006.