2000 Honda Insight

Engine Performance problem
2000 Honda Insight Front Wheel Drive Manual 85000 miles

There are times, usually around 2000 rpm and second gear, but can be others where the car bucks during acceleration. It's as though the gas and electrics are getting mixed up?
August 1, 2008.

Hi paradoxmgr,

During acceleration the the gas engine is assisting so I suspect the spark plugs or coil packs to be the problem.

Aug 8, 2008.
You suggested plugs and/or coil packs. They were changed at quite an expense however it is not the answer to the problem.

Aug 15, 2008.
Hi paradoxmgr,

Sorry that the problem has not been solved. You should always check/test whatever suggestions given before replacing any items. We try our best to provide whatever information that we think might help and it might not be the correct answer as we are not in direct contact with the vehicle.

Before we proceed any further, I would suggest you get a scan done to see if there are any DTC stored in memory. Your local Autozone outlets provides it free of charge.

Aug 16, 2008.