1987 Honda CRX

Engine Performance problem
1987 Honda CRX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 250000 miles

Get strong exhaust smell when car is idling.
Won't pass emissions.

Car idle is a little squirelly and get vibration at 800 rpms so keep it at around 1000.
Car accelerates ok.
Have replaced dist cap, plugs, wires, injectors, fuel filter, air filter
Timing and valves have been adjusted.
Get number 1 light (drivers side) on ecu occasionally.
Getting around 30 mpg in mixed driving.
Any idea the cause of this?

PS Forgot to add that the O2 sensor has been replaced too.
July 31, 2009.

Do you have a check engine light?

Sounds like you're running on the rich side, check and test the following below

Possible causes include a bad O2 sensor, excessive fuel pressure (bad fuel pressure regulator or plugged return line), leaky fuel injectors, dirty air filter or restricted air inlet, or a defective coolant sensor that prevents the engine management system from going into closed loop mode

Jul 31, 2009.
Anyone know where the coolent sensor is located on this model?

Aug 13, 2009.
Civic 1500 (2) on cylinder head above thermostat housing and on engine block below intake manifold

Except Civic 1500 on rigtht side of cylinder head-Sorry no pic available.

Aug 13, 2009.