2005 Honda CRV

Steering problem
2005 Honda CRV 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 37000 miles

I'm having steering noise issues with our 2005 AWD CR-V with 37k miles. There is a steering noise when making tight turns left or right at very low speeds both forward and reverse. Sounds like a tire rubbing( but it is not) Checked PS fluid and it is full. Noise seems to be coming from rear diff. Has anyone had this problem or had any interaction with the dealer about this? My local mechanic hears it too but is unable to pin it down, and agrees it sounds as if it is coming from the rear of the car.
October 27, 2008.

Hi tbone-fireball,

Seems you are having a problem with the differentials.

There was a Technical Service Bulletin on this and you should contact the nearest Honda dealer to verify if you are entitled to a warranty on the case.

Likewise, an oil change of the rear axle differential might solve the problem. You should ONLY use the specified Honda DPSF II (Dual Pressure System Fluid)trans fluid.

Nov 23, 2008.
Had the exact same problem with mine, same year and model. More pronounced noise when I reversed. Dealer refilled the AWD transmission fluid under warranty and all was good.

Dec 2, 2008.