2005 Honda CRV

Air Conditioning problem
2005 Honda CRV 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 45.000 miles

A/C works fine until I come to a stop then it seems as if it is getting warm and not cooling leading me to think the A/C condenser fan is not coming on.
I dont hear it or do I see it coming on if I set for awhile with the motor running and I have the hood up.
Checked fuses and they are OK
Is there a relay?
If so where is it and how does one check it?

If no replay then is the fan motor the issue?
Any input or help surley appricated and will save me a bundle at the Honda dealer.
August 5, 2008.

Hi Ken,

When the compressor is working, the condenser and radiator fans must both be working.

To test the fan motor, remove relay and bridge constant power source terminal with fan wire.

Aug 6, 2008.
I checked the relay and they seem to be working ok.
One fan is coming on ( the one on the right if you are standing in front of the car looking into the engine conpartment) the one on the left side is not coming on.
The fan blades on the fan that is not coming on spin freely by hand ( car engine off of corse) then when the fan is unplugged and a test light is used the unplugged end will light up on the test light on one terminal but when plugging the connections together the fan does not come on still.
Is it the fact that one of the fans ( the left one) is bad?
Should both fans come on together when the a/c switch is on and the compresser is running.

Thanks so much and a donation will be forth coming.

Aug 11, 2008.
Hi Ken,

Yes, both fans should be working when the AC compressor is working or the operating temp is reached to activate the fan switch.

Seems the fan that is not working is faulty as you have power supply to it. Give it some knocks to see if you can coax it to at least breath it last so that you can give it its last prayers.

Aug 11, 2008.

Aug 13, 2008.