1998 Honda CRV

Electrical problem
1998 Honda CRV 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

I have a 97 Honda Civic that has had an engine swap. The motor in the car is from a 98 Honda CRV. I have recently been having issues with the battery dying. We replaced the alternator and got a new battery but it was still happening. Then the battery cap came off and spewed battery acid all over the motor. Does the alternator have a built in voltage regulator? What else would be causing the battery to over charge?

Also I am having some ECU issues. When getting a ECU what specific vehicle info is required? For example does it matter if it is for an auto or manual, 4WD or 2WD.
March 9, 2010.

Yes it must be from the exact same car(the ecu). And yes again. The alternator has its own voltage regulator and can send too much or not enough voltage to the battery, I would have it checked to be absolutely sure, and have the battery checked/replaced

The alternator is the only thing that will make the battery overcharge, except for the battery itself

Do you know where I would find a list of ECU codes? I dont know what ECU I need, and am having a hard time trying to find the correct one.

Also could the wrong ECU cause the battery to over charge?


Mar 9, 2010.
I dont have access to codes, but it is not necessary to buy a new one, a used one from the salvage yard should suffice in my opinion. Unless you are bent on purchasing a brand new one, probably cost you an arm and a leg. Where as one from the salvage yard will be about a 100 bucks. You just going to need to get it from the same car, same size engine, year etc.

I don't want to buy one new, so I will look some more for a used one.

Is the ECU specific for 2WD, 2WD, and transmission?

Mar 9, 2010.
Yes your gonna find one from the exact same model as yours, just look for the same vehicle, dont ask for the computer because they might sell you anything, if you can find the car, then you can say, I need the ecu from this vehicle