Honda Civic


I have a Civic 2001, my blower motor is not working and the rear defogger also. I've check for both problem the relays and fuses. I have 12v at the blower but does not spin also tested the blower by jumping wires and it works. Tested the rear defogger for 12v but nothing. And the A/C clutch when pressing the button does not engage.

August 24, 2006.

Check fuse 14 and fuse 12 in the under dash fuse box. This model Honda has a problem with the cooling hose for the motor. It can cause the motor to overheat and blow the fuse. I am going to attach the service bulletin for you to read.
If you look at the motor, there should be a hose that ducts some air from the fan back onto the motor. Check this hose for clogging.

SOURCE: Honda Service News November 2003

TITLE: Heater Blower Motor Gets Hot or Blows a Fuse

APPLIES TO: 1990-04 Accords, 1992-04 Civics, 1997-04 CR-Vs, 2003 Elements, 2000-04 Insights, 1995-04 Odysseys, 1996-02 Passports, 2003-04 Pilots, 1997-01 Preludes, and 2000-04 S2000s

SERVICE TIP: A blocked cooling hose for the heater blower motor can cause the motor to overheat, draw more current, blow a fuse, or even melt its plastic
impeller. Before you order a replacement blower motor, make sure the cooling hose isn't blocked. On some models, you'll find the cooling hose molded into the blower motor housing; on other models, it's a separate piece. Check the S/M for the vehicle you're working on to determine the actual location of the cooling hose.

Aug 24, 2006.
Fuses 14 and 12 are ok.

Aug 24, 2006.