1995 Honda Civic

2 days ago my Honda's clutch started to have hardly any tension when I pressed down on it and it caught much closer to the floor then usual. A few times it was really difficult to get it in gear. Now there is no resistance at all when I press the clutch in and the car won't even go into gear, if I try to go in reverse it makes a grinding noise. Any idea what the problem could be? And how much should I be expecting to pay to get this fixed? Thanks.
January 29, 2006.

Could be several things, like the clutch/clutch pressure plate/throw out bearing, clutch master cylinder, leak in the lines, air in the lines, low fluid, clutch slave cylinder. First I would check the level of the fluid, which is right beside the brake master cylinder directly above and in front of the clutch in the engine bay. If everything is good, try bleeding it, which I would only recommend if you know how to bleed brakes. If all else fails take it to a shop and you could pay anywhere from 50-500 bucks roughly depending on what is all wrong.

Jan 30, 2006.
I had the same thing happen to my manual '90 Accord-- I wasn't able to put the car into gear no matter how far I pushed the clutch or how long the car warmed up/had been driving. It even happened a few times while driving. I thought the whole clutch had to be replaced, but what ended up happening was there was air in the lines and it had to be taken in to the shop and the clutch lines completely drained. I wouldn't suggest doing this yourself-- it took two times by the mechanic to get it right. I paid about $400.

Feb 9, 2006.