1995 Honda Civic

I own a '95 Honda Civic DX, 4 cylinder w/ 200,000 miles. I replaced the engine, radiator and other parts at about 172,000 miles b/c I blew a head gasket. The replacement engine was a used Japanese unit with about 60,000 miles. Recently, when I press on the gas, my car has been making a hollow, tinny, metallic whining type sound, and it is noisy and somewhat shaky when it is idling. It feels like something in the fuel injector system, but I guess it could be an engine problem. Any suggestions on what this could be? And cost to fix it?
April 30, 2007.

The sound you refer to makes me think you need to start with the exhaust system. There are several heat shields on the car and they get loose and vibrate. That sound from the shields can seem like it is coming from anywhere on the car.

The shaking of the car when at idle. Kicking on a check engine light? Could be a bad plug, plug wire, EGR valve, PCV, loose or bad motor mount, etc.

Bruce Hunt
Apr 30, 2007.