1991 Honda Civic

Whenever you press the gas while driving, my car spews out blue smoke. It doesn't while sitting idle. What could be the problem and how much do you think it would be to repair? We have it listed for $3500 CAD which includes 2 sets of tires, one on mags, a competition stereo, brakes, exhaust, and the motor has about 83000K on it. It also had a paint job done. What would be a fair price to sell it at? Thanx for any help you might be able to give me.
May 11, 2006.

Blue smoke. Try pulling a plug or two and you should find that the plug is black and probably oily. I would say that the car is seriously burning oil. I wouldn't want to buy the car at all with that problem staring me in the face.

Bruce Hunt
May 12, 2006.