2003 Honda Civic

Brakes problem
2003 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 25000 miles

Hi there,

SOS please. I have a Honda Civic Coupe 1.7 Vtec Automatic gear box.

Here is a history before the problem come :

Last month, the ABS light was on by dashboard. The following day I took the car to local garage ( not Honda Approved garage ) and asked them to replace with a new genuine ABS part. Also I asked them to put a new genuine Front Brake Pads.
All it has been doneand mo more ABS light showing on dashboard.

Here is the Problem :

3 days after; By the way - I work in the Hospital 4pm -12pm.

On the way to work: The first 800 metres driven the car, the brake was a little sticky - I pushed accelerator pedal down, it showed 3800 RPM on Speedometre but the car only run 5 miles/hour ( should be 40 miles/hour ) and after 800 metres the brake become normal again.

From work to home: The problem was happened again. The first 800 metres driven the car.

So I took the car back to the garage and tell the prob to the mechanic.

It has been nearly a week, the mechanic have not found the problem yet.

He replaced, rechecked and clean agin the brake pad a lot of time. There is no 100% Faulty Code.

Last time I call him, it sound he might given up !

My question :

Is it a Brake System problem or Automatic gear problem?

Please advise,

Kind Regards,
October 27, 2008.

Check the calipers for sticking and bleed complete brake system

Oct 27, 2008.
Thank you for reply JNOVACK,

You sugested me check the caliper but which part? Is it the pistons or others.

And which calipers? Left Front, Right Front or Rear Left and Rear Right

More questions : Is there a link between Hand brake and caliper? Can you describe in detail that how is the handbrake work?

When I parked the car with handbrake apply more than 9 hours that is the sticky brakes started.

Please advise and thanks

Oct 28, 2008.
The hand brake applies pressure on the rear brakes the cable for the hand brake is probbobly sticking you would have to replace the cable to fix the sticking and replace the rear brakes shoes and drums and you should be back on the road

Oct 29, 2008.