1998 Honda Civic

Electrical problem
1998 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100, 00 miles

I am pretty sure I need to replace my ignition switch. It wants to pop out of the position that keeps the car running. Once I had to hold the key in place while driving. It does not do it all the time. What does it cost to have something like that replaced or repaired?
April 23, 2008.

I think the parts a bit over hundred and under two hundred
labor about an HR.

Apr 23, 2008.
I was searching for answers regarding possible ignition switch problems and came across an official recall from Honda for ignition switches on Civics, Accords, Prelude, CR-V and Odyssey. Certain 1997-2000. The recall was dated 2002 so it may be too late and I haven't validated the recall yet, but it looked official on-line. Go to the official Honda webiste, click on owner link to see if your car falls under the recall. You will need your VIN number. Hope this helps.

Apr 24, 2008.