1994 Honda Civic

Transmission problem
1994 Honda Civic 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

I have a few diffrent questions, First, My honda Civic seems to have lost all horsepower, The car has a very hard time going up hills. I try and get a hard start but then end up slowing down dramatically. What can I do to restore the horsepower? Second, My car almost ran out of gas yesterday, I made it to the gas station, put gas in the car and now it runs Very rough. When I stop at a red light I have to throw it in to park and press the gas or the car will die. Sometimes it starts right back sometimes it doesnt. I can smell gas when I start the car. Did I mess up the fuel injectors, maybe clog the fuel pump filter? Some also told me that there maybe a reset button is that true? I just dont see how I would have messed up the car if it wasnt completely out of gas, Help please!
March 13, 2010.

You may of clogged the fuel filter or screen on the fuel injectors/fuel pump.

A quick fuel pressure test will give you the answers you need.

With regards to your lack of power, if you have not done a tune-up in a while, now is the time!

Mar 15, 2010.

Mar 17, 2010.