1994 Honda Civic


I drive a 1994 Honda Hatch back CX 1.5litre, Due to complications I replace my original motor with a Japan version D15B7 motor. I managed to put on 60,000 Km roughly about 38,000 miles onto the new motor without any problems.

Ever since the swap I notice the temperature gauge stays close to 1/2 level rather then the standard 1/4 level.

I’ve checked the following - Engine Flushed, Coolent Fan (Turns on).
I’ve replaced, the following - Engine coolant, Rad cap, Thermostat,

Since doing all of this thing what seems to happen is that the temperature stays at 1/4 level then slowly goes back to 1/2 level.

Anything I could do to fix this problem. I’m hopping it’s not the head gasket.

Thank for your help
May 24, 2007.

It could be a sensor that is giving an errant reading to the guage. Does the coolant level drop at all? Watch that closely to determine if the coolant level drops. Loss without any visible leak could be the head or head gasket.

Bruce Hunt
May 24, 2007.