1995 Honda Ascot

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1995 Honda Ascot 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I have a 1995 Honda Ascot. The dial on the dash board that shows the speed the car is at moves up and down whenever I stop the car. I have done a computerized diagnostics and the man told me that I need an idle control sensor. I went an bought a second hand sensor and the car still does the same thing. I went back to where I bought the sensor from and the man told me that he will put a sensor in my car from a car that is running perfectly fine and doesn't have ANY problems. But when he put the sensor in the car still does the same thing. My mechanic told me that it has an idle problem. The car turns off while i'm driving, shakes, and the speed guage above the wheel move up and down whenever the car stops.
August 10, 2009.

Hi charonya13,

Thank you for the donation.

The speedometer needle moving while vehicle is at stop indicates either it is receiving pulse from the Vehicle Speed Sensor due to a faulty VSS, gauge or ECU.

This could be a wiring or control unit fault.

You mentioned the engine stalling while driving, does it happen only when slowing down or it happens while cruising as well?
Was any repairs carried out prior to this happening?

Aug 11, 2009.
The engine only stalls when the car is slowing down or not moving. I recently blew my head and had to rebuild it.

So this is an issue with the idling speed.

What is the idling speed?
Did you adjust the idling speed?
When AC is turned ON, does the idling speed drops considerably?
What is the engine on your vehicle?
Did you do the rebuild yourself?

Aug 12, 2009.
The needle idles/moves up and down between 1 and 2 on the speedometer.
A mechanic changed the idling speed about a month and a half ago.
When the AC is on it idles or shakes even worse than when it is not on. When the AC is on the car shakes like it wants to cut off even more!
The engine is a five cylinder.
Well I cracked the head so the mechanic had me buy a head gasket kit and he carried the head to the shop so they can fix it. I don't think that has anything to do with rebuilding the engine, please excuse me my knowledge of cars is minimum

I guess there must be some error in your description of the problem. The needle that is fluctuating should be the tachometer and not speedmeter. It indicates the engine speed ( rpm).

Uneven idling has everything to do with the head installation. Possible causes are : 1. Insufficient coolant in system. When engine is cold, remove the radiator cap and check the coolant level. Top up if necessary.

2. Improper valve timing. Timing belt had been installed incorrectly when cylinder head was replaced. This would cause improper ignition timing and engine to perform badly with erratic idling.

3. Valve clearances incorrectly adjusted. They should be adjusted when engine is cold and the clearances are : Intake 0.25 mm.
Exhaust 0.30 mm.

4. Throttle body and IAC clogged.

5. MAP sensor vacumn hose incorectly atttached.

Check the above and let me know what you find. You did not mention about the Check engine light so I guess it is not showing.

Aug 13, 2009.