Honda Accord

I have a 95 Honda Accord w/120,000 miles and I am attempting to change out the CV boot but am having difficulty, could you please give me advise on how to change out the CV boot? Thanks
May 29, 2006.

Was the car making any cllicking noises when the car turned a corner? If it was then don't bother with the boot replacement.

Bruce Hunt
May 29, 2006.
88 Honda CRX Hf 217K miles

Hi, I had the same problem with my CRX. Mine was making the clicking noise pretty badly so I ended up changing both driveshafts at the recommendation of the autoshop owner. Is this what you would have recommended too instead of changing just the boot? Thanks for your help!

Jun 1, 2006.
Yes, once the clicking noise is present, no amount of grease or new boots are going to stop it. The shaft is going to progressively get worse. The new lube may stave it off for a short time but the worn areas will get worse. The effort to replace the boot is more work than replacing the entire axle.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 6, 2006.
While you can buy boot kits for most cars, it is FAR easier to change the CV axle. Most CV axles (rebuilt) run $70 or so, while some boot kits are $40 and the labor is far more to change boots only.

Nov 13, 2010.