1990 Honda Accord

90 Honda Accord/Manual Transmission/155000(+-) km -The Check Engine Light came on and at the same time the speedometer failed (and as a result no odometer function). Repair Shop said computer needed rebooting, but that didn't work. Now they say I need a new computer - cost in the $800 range. Does this sound reasonable? Is the computer a salvagable part - available maybe from auto wreckers? Other messages on this website mention a speed sensor problem. Is that a possibility with my car?
June 24, 2006.

Before you get that indepth run to the auto parts store and ask to use their code scanner once you get the code post it back here and we can help you further and see if there isnt a cheaper fix. Good luck : )

Jun 24, 2006.
The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is a very big possibility, its located on the top of the transmission and should have 3 wires to it.
I would unplug this first to see if the terminals aren't corroded or loose. If they look good take it to another garage (your best chance would be a dealership as they have seen all these problems before and would be the quickest diagnosis) and dishout the money (usually about a half hour to one our of labor) to check the problem and give you a run down on whats wrong and what it would cost to repair it.

Jun 26, 2006.