2012 Honda Accord

1997 Honda Accord LX 5sp Wagon 73,800 mi
Honda is going to give me a tune-up at 75000 miles due to a recall (courtesy tune-up?). I never have the car serviced at the dealer because of the price. However, since it's going to be there, I wanted to ask them to quote/check some things. Can anyone suggest what else should be checked? So far, I have the following:
timing belt (dealer charges ~$480. Reasonable?)
valves: never been adjusted
front wheel bearings (making a whumping sound; would this also cause the car to shake/shudder slightly on take-off in first gear? I know CV joints can cause this.)

clutch was replaced about 1500 miles ago

Is there anything else I should look at?
How much should each of these cost to have done at a repair shop vs the dealer?
November 20, 2006.

Ok, first of all take advantage of the opportunity. They will probably make all kinds of recommendations of things that should be done.

I am going to reply to the whomping sound. I doubt it is a CV issue as they usually are most noteable when turning and they noise is more of a clicking sound. It could be a rotor and brake issue, but with a little more assistance from you we might be able to narrow that down.

The timing belt, I would be willing to pay the $400 fee but only if at the time I chose to have the repair done they also check the tensioner, replace the water pump, valve cover gasket and the grommets on the plugs wells.

Good luck.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 22, 2006.
Does the 480.00 include the parts?

Nov 24, 2006.
My $400 would include the parts.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 24, 2006.